31 January 2010

Cuff Patterns & Designs

Iron on shirt cuff, jeans, pants leg cuff, tudung.

Code no. #959
8 x 8 cm - RM9 / S$3.80 / US$2.70

Code no #940
7.5 x 7.5 - RM11.00 / S$4.60 / US$3.20

Code no. #989
7.5 x 7.5 cm - RM6 / S$2.50 / US$1.80

Code no. #985
7.5 x 7.5 cm - RM9 / S$3.75 / US$2.70

Code no. #987
8 x 8 cm - RM12 / S$5 / US$3.60

Code #938
8 x 7 cm - RM9 (2 piece of this design)
S$ 3.80 / US$2.70

30 January 2010

Instruction on ironing rhinestone patterns & designs

Any household iron can be used to iron these designs on your desired item be it cushion cover, pillowcases, tee shirts, jeans, tudung, baju kurung and etc.

Step-by-step instructions is included on how to Do-It-Yourself.

Basic steps
1. Check rhinestones are in place. Adjust if need to.
2. Face design down, peel off white backing tape.
3. Place design on desired spot.
4. Than place a piece of fabric over the pattern and iron without steam.
5. Do not glide the iron as it may push the rhinestones. Apply firm pressure for a few second.
6. Remove iron and check that designs have adhere.
7. Iron again if it hasn't. The glue should be able to see at the back of the material.
8. Remove clear tape. All the the rhinestones to set and the piece to cool.
9. It's ready for use. Enjoy.

27 January 2010

Pattern Tee Shirts

Tee shirts iron with pretty patterns. The designs are stunning and the glitters are really shiny. The pictures doesn't do justice to the patterns. If you like to view them, it's available in Caron Boutique in Hartamas. Click on pictures for larger view.

Skull Head glitter Shirt. Made of glitter patch

RM35 - XL size

Big piece of pattern splashed across the shirt

Hearts - T37

RM59 / S$24 / US$19

Every girl's love, Red Heel. Why wear a pair when you can have 3?

RM49 / S$21 / US$16

Every girl wants to be Queen ! Wear a 'Crown' today !
- M size

RM45 / S$19 / US$15

This is a stunning piece. My personal favorite. Leopard with red roses - M size. The leopard is made of black diamond colour rhinestones. It fills the front of the shirt and soften with roses (made of felt iron-on) around it.

RM89 / S$38 / US$29

The same roses extends to upper back left side shoulder.

Patterns & Designs

Purple & Indigo Rhinestones Pattern

Each shape is 5 x 5 cm - Entire length - 20.5 cm

Code no. #928
5 x 20.5 cm

RM8 / S$3.40 / US$2.60

Pretty for back curve part or top part of tudung. Also can be ironed under the collar
Code no. #926

31 x 9 cm

RM10 / S$4.30 / US$3.30

This can go on jeans' leg,
or along the sides of tudung, wearing it along the face up to the top of head. It also can be cut into individual pieces and apply where you like.

Code no. #926

29 x 10 cm -

/ S$6.40 / US$4.90
Made of Crystal AB rhinestones (like rainbow) and black diamond rhinestones

For the front of baju kurung or cut into small pieces and apply on kain / tudung. Can also be cut into small pieces and used individually.

Made of red and crystal clear rhinestones and round nailheads.

Code no. #921

32 x 7 cm

/ S$7.70 / US$5.80

Glitter Splendor's shiny beautiful rhinestones patterns and designs

Designs are made of quality Korea rhinestones that's shiny. brilliant and has strong adhesion.

Glitter (doesn't rub off) & felt patches add interesting alternative to the patterns and make the shirts & tudungs a whole lot more attractive and different.

The designs were all machine heat press so you don't have to worry about it falling out. Always gentle hand wash or put into laundry bag to preserve the material.

All items are available at retail and wholesale. Do ask me if you were interested in wholesale.

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