How to Iron Instruction

Step-by-step instructions is included on how to Do-It-Yourself.

Any household iron can be used to iron these designs on your desired item be it cushion cover, pillowcases, tee shirts, jeans, tudung, baju kurung and etc.

If you are using steam iron - disable steam function.

Basic steps
1. Check rhinestone are in place. Adjust if need to.
2. Face design down, peel off white backing tape.
3. Place design on desired spot.
4. Than place a piece of fabric over the pattern and iron without steam.
5. Do not glide as it may push the rhinestones. Apply firm pressure.
6. Remove iron and check that designs have adhere.
7. Iron again if it hasn't. The glue should be able to see at the back of the material.
8. Remove clear tape. Let the piece cool and set the rhinestones.

Glitter Splendor's shiny beautiful rhinestones patterns and designs

Designs are made of quality Korea rhinestones that's shiny. brilliant and has strong adhesion.

Glitter (doesn't rub off) & felt patches add interesting alternative to the patterns and make the shirts & tudungs a whole lot more attractive and different.

The designs were all machine heat press so you don't have to worry about it falling out. Always gentle hand wash or put into laundry bag to preserve the material.

All items are available at retail and wholesale. Do ask me if you were interested in wholesale.

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